Ethylene Oxide gas Autoclave Technical Specification:

    Different capacities (75, 150, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 7000 up to 30000 litre) rectangular chamber double doors or single door, fully automatic auto-claves sterilizing with ethylene oxide gas.

    Sterile cycle consist of pre-vacuum, heating, sterilization by ETO Gas. Degasification, desorption and equalization for use in clinics, industries hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical.

    Two programs for sterilization of textile, instruments, set of angiograph, single-use accessories and gloves with temperature of 30c for 3.5 hrs. and 60c for 2.5 hrs.

    Pulse-matic and pre-vacuum program for complete air evacuation of chamber before sterilization stage.

    PLC system for automatic control of auto-claves. Sterilizing with pulse-matic and pre-vacuum system and post-vacuum for use in clinics, hospital, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.

    Three programs for sterilizing of textile instruments and gloves.

    Programs for liquid (as option) open or close seal in bottles for use in laboratories, serum production and pharmaceutical industries.

    Natural cooling and washing programs for serum production lines.

Ethylene Oxide Autoclave

Specially Designed for Hospital, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Applications

Supplied in three main models:

  • Autoclaves using only central steam plant; appropriate for CSRs equipped with central steam plant.
  • Autoclaves with internal electrical steam generator; appropriate for CSRs without central steam facilities.
  • Double purposed autoclaves with a steam generator and capability of using central steam plant as well.
  • Available in single or double door configuration.
  • Double door autoclaves are supplied for central sterilization rooms with a separated sterile area which provides the most stringent clean room and safety conditions.
  • The doors are automatic vertical sliding doors, operated by a pneumatic mechanism. All doors are designed with a number of safety features.
  • No door will open if there is still pressure in the chamber.
  • No door will open if the chamber or load temperature is too high.
  • In a double door system it is impossible to open two doors simultaneously. (does not interlock)

•    While door is being closed, the door will open immediately if an object is detected in front of it.

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