Steam Autoclave 75-700 Litre Capacity

Technical Specifications

    Installation with internal electrical steam generator or using central steam plant or double purposed

    Pneumatically operated single or double vertical sliding door

    Complete sterilization cycles: pulse-matic, pre-vacuum, sterilization & post-vacuum

    Touch screen LCD display for monitoring sterilizer’s operation

    PLC based control panel and all electrical components supplied from a certified international company

    Micro-biological filter for air refinement

    Pressure gauges for chamber, steam in-take & compressed air

    Steam traps for steam condensate outlet

    With water seal ring vacuum pump

    Chamber material: rustproof stainless steel; AISI SST 316 L

    Steam jacket material: rustproof stainless steel; AISI SST 304

    Structure material: rustproof stainless steel; AISI SST 304

    Front panel material: rustproof stainless steel; AISI SST 304

Steam Autoclave 75-700 litre Capacity

Specifically Designed for Hospital, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Applications

Supplied in three main models:

Autoclaves using only central steam plant; appropriate for CSRs equipped with central steam plant. Autoclaves with internal electrical steam generator; appropriate for CSRs without central steam facilities. Double purposed autoclaves with a steam generator and capability of using central steam plant as well. Available in single or double door configuration. Double door autoclaves are supplied for central sterilization rooms with a separated sterile area which provides the most stringent clean room and safety conditions.  The doors are automatic vertical sliding doors, operated by a pneumatic mechanism. All doors are designed with a number of safety features. No door will open if there is still pressure in the chamber. No door will open if the chamber or load temperature is too high. In a double door system it is impossible to open two doors simultaneously. While door is being closed, the door will open immediately if an object is detected in front of it.

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